Few Teams Bring World Cup Sportsbook Betting Intrigue as Argentina

Argentina 2018 FIFA World Cup betting odds and preview

Argentina brings far more than superb ability to win on the pitch.  They always offer plenty of story lines as well.  Few teams on the World Cup sportsbook betting board bring as much personality.  However, with that has come erratic results.  With Lionel Messi the Argentines boast a World Class talent.  And the ability to win any match.  But the Argentines lack of discipline is a perpetual problem.

Which is why their last title was in 1986.  But a second place finish at Brazil in 2014 brings hope.  And is a testament to Argentina’s ability.

Argentina 2018 FIFA World Cup  

Date and Time: Tournament Runs June 14 through July 15, 2018

Location:  Russia

World Cup Betting Online Odds at SBG: Argentina +985 to win the World Cup, Argentina -145 to win Group D  
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Marquee Team Argentina

Argentina is considered a top tier World Cup sportsbook betting marquee team.  Only eight countries in the world have won the World Cup.  And just five have won it twice.  Argentina can lay claim to both boasts.  But what makes Argentina fun to follow is what frustrates punters time and again.  Controversy, drama, and intrigue come with the price tag.  Which makes for a most challenging handicap.  Personality as part of the profile dates back to the glory years of Diego Maradona.  Maradona led Argentina to the 1986 World Cup title.  With Maradona came headlines and entertainment.

A Need for Lionel Messi

Today’s Argentina team is far too reliant upon Lionel Messi.  Messi is like basketball’s LeBron James in that he often carries his team.  That was certainly the case in qualifying for this World Cup.  When on their game the Argentines entertain like few other clubs.  The excitement is powered by one of the top attacks in the game.

Drama for Argentina

However, drama began early.  Mauro Icardi was left off the team despite being a Serie A scoring co-leader.  As well as scoring 29 goals for Inter Milan.  Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain were picked ahead of Icardi.  There is considerable speculation as to why Icardi was cast aside.  He scored seven more goals than Dybala.  And tallied 13 more times than Higuain.

Messi’s Last Shot

Everyone says that Argentina is Messi’s team.  Therefore, it is suspected that the icon decides who makes the team.  At age 30 many think this is Messi’s last shot.  He is coming off another spectacular club season.  With Barcelona in La Liga he tallied 40 goals.  Ego comes with Messi as a driving force.  Sure, it fuels his excellence as a player.  Offsetting that is the potential damage it causes the team.  But without Messi, Argentina wouldn’t be considered top tier.  Ultimately, he is what makes them a sportsbook online chalk.

Many gamblers are put off that Messi had to shoulder the burden at qualification.  Yet a player capable of that is also the draw.  It’s the ultimate World Cup dichotomy.

Matchup to Watch

Argentina is the World Cup sportsbook betting wild card.  Their bi-polar personality is impossible to ignore.  But also, a threat to bankrolls everywhere.  Inconsistency is what will be the end of this team.

World Cup Betting Odds Picks

Lionel Messi will go down as one of the all time greats.  And as a player that failed to win the World Cup.  Messi giveth and taketh.  He simply lacks the needed supporting cast.

World Cup Betting Online Pick: Argentina to again contend but ultimately fall short

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