What to expect in the Betting Euro Odds at SBG Global

Betting Euro odds is never boring but in certain years the competition is definitely better than in others.

Betting Euro Cup odds fans are at the height of excitement right now. After nearly four years since the Euro Cup betting event was held the fans and pundits in the soccer world are abuzz at the prospects for the upcoming betting Euro odds competition.

But many are hesitant to get too crazy about the competition as the prospect for a defensively dominated snoozer is a real prospect for anyone thinking of betting Euro odds this year.

For example in 2004 when the betting Euro odds competition was held in Portugal anyone who participated in the Euro Cup betting that year will tell you that there was a distinct feel of disappointment in the air. That year the defending betting Euro odds champ Greece pulled a huge upset by knocking off all the favorites and even beating the host team in the Euro cup betting finals. Greece, a relative minnow in European soccer did the near impossible in the betting Euro odds.

However, no matter the potential for a great underdog story, most betting Euro odds fans were anything but pleased. The reason for this is the fact that the Greeks took the Euro Cup betting title by playing the most boring, conservative soccer imaginable. While it was a neat thing to see a small team win, it was excruciatingly boring and even lamentable to see the Greeks win the Euro Cup betting crown in such an ugly way.

This year many of the betting Euro odds makers are expecting similar play. The reason for this is of course is because of the great success that Greeks had at last year’s betting Euro odds competition. And even though it’s a very far cry from the ‘beautiful game’ favored by many Latin clubs, at the end of the day the score is all that matters in the betting Euro odds and for that reason we’re likely to see a lot more of the boring play in this year’s Euro Cup betting action, and that is most unwelcome news for anyone thinking of betting Euro odds this year.

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