Very Early Betting on Soccer Odds for the UEFA Euro 2016

October 31st, 2019 Football Soccer

In Europe the next best thing after the World Cup is the Euro, and we are not taking about the currency, we are talking soccer!  Betting on soccer to be precise! This year starting on June 10th and for a whole month we get the best national teams in Europe square off. Almost a month away from kick-off we take a quick look into the participating teams, the odds and who are the favorites to win it all.

Reading the full list of participating teams makes any fan betting on soccer salivate with anticipation. At this time, and with club soccer still in competition, the full soccer bet odds to win the Euro are as follows:

Albania +48000
Austria +3900
Belgium +1075
Croatia +3875
Czech Republic +14000
England +875
France +345
Germany +365
Hungary +42000
Iceland +11000
Italy +1775
Northern Ireland +31000
Poland +6250
Portugal +2475
Republic of Ireland +16000
Romania +26000
Russia +8250
Slovakia +22000
Spain +575
Sweden +11000
Switzerland +8250
Turkey +9850
Ukraine +14000
Wales +8250

The host team of France, with wunderkind Paul Pogba, and with Anthony Martial getting the hype that reminisces of a young Nicolas Anelka, they lead off the odds with +345. The hosts will not have Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema due to his suspension of the National team, but they will have Atletico Madrid’s hero Antoine Griezmann at the attack. Also let’s not forget about Dimitri Payet, who is also having great form as of late. Being the host nation, gives the French a definite edge, but the man-by-man talent they have back up the odds. Plus, it helps to be in a group that doesn’t pose much of a threat.

Although is not, the Euro (or the Copa America for that matter) is sort of like the unofficial first title defense for the World Champions. The Germans are getting a +365 soccer bet line to win the continental tournament. The Germans might just have the best midfield in the World, but at this time around, they might not be as strong of a team as they were on 2014. The form shown by the German players in their respective leagues has been underwhelming and there is not a single Deutsch player that is standing out, like the aforementioned Pogba or Griezmann. However do not count out the Germans, remember the old Gary Lineker quote: “Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.”

The Spanish side is close behind as favorites with +575. After bowing out of the past World Cup in the group stage, much to the irk of fans betting on soccer, this time around the Spaniards look to get vindication and climb back to the top of the World Soccer mountain. Spain is going through a transitional phase with young blood coming in to reinforce the remainder of the great Spanish generation of players. They are a talented bunch of players, with a good back-side and a midfield that still has to convince critics.  Also, Spain will not have a simple road as the group stage draw placed them with three very complicated teams: Croatia, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

What about England, you ask? Well , England has a pretty damn good chance of moving past the group stage. However, in the elimination round it all depends where the Brits land. Not having Danny Welbeck, will be a blow for their attacking side, but the good news is that Harry Kane, Jaime Vardy and Dele Alli are all going to be there for them. At +875, England is the dark horse for fans betting on soccer, they could surprise everybody come July 10th.

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