Understanding the Soccer Bet at SBG Global

Soccer bet lines are pretty easy to understand if you are familiar with the terms that are used. Soccer betting is huge in countries outside of the United States.

Soccer bet lines involve the money line and the three way line. Three way betting is when a gambler wagers on either a road win, a home win or a draw. This soccer bet line is more advantageous to the sportsbook than it is to the bettor because so many draws do happen in soccer. When a draw happens both side soccer bet options are losers. As you look at soccer betting you will sometimes encounter a betting exchange. This is a type of betting where gamblers bet against each other with the exchange taking a cut of the soccer bet action known as a “commission.”

Sometimes you will see in soccer betting what are known as decimal odds. Those are the soccer bet odds presented as a decimal with the risk included in the overall price. Another term you might hear is the “double” which is basically just a two team parlay. The similar term for a teaser would be the “double chance.” On a double chance soccer bet a gambler bets on two outcomes to either win or tie. While the odds are not nearly as good on a double chance the opportunity to avoid a soccer bet loss is better.

Another way to present soccer bet odds is fractional odds. This is the most popular way of posting the prices on the soccer betting boards in Europe as the stake price is not listed on the return and instead reads as, for example, 2/1.

Another soccer bet option is the Half Time/Full Time. This is also known as “Double Result” where a gambler will wager on both the halftime and full time soccer bet results. Another type of soccer bet wager is the “scorecast” in which a gambler bets on the first goal score and the correct final score. It is a difficult wager to hit but it does pay well.

Take a look at soccer today as one of your main gambling options. There is great soccer lines available everyday at sportsbooks with a number of excellent betting options.

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