UEFA Cup Betting

UEFA Cup Betting was created by Ernst Thommen, Ottorino Barrasi and Sir Stanley Rous for the representative soccer bet teams of European cities.

The Fairs Cup -forerunner for the UEFA Cup- was founded on April 18th, 1955.  Soccer betting teams like:  Barcelona, Zagreb, Basle, Milan, Birmingham, London and Frankfurt among others played in this cup. The original tournament lasted three years.

Sixteen soccer betting clubs were part of the 58’s-60’s tourney.  In 1962 there was a total of 32 teams, today, there are more than 100 teams participating.  Valencia won the soccer betting competition in two occasions, while Barcelona made it in three different times.  Leeds United AFC won it in 1968.

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The Fairs Cup changed its name to UEFA Cup in the soccer betting year of 1971; this, because UEFA will be taking total control of the competition.  German teams, as well as Dutch, Swedish and Belgian teams brought great soccer betting matches.  In the mid-eighties the Real Madrid CF won this soccer bet cup a couple of times.  Then, in the 90’s, soccer betting Italian teams won the cup in 8 different times.  The record for this cup is shared by three teams:  Liverpool, Juventus and Inter.  They have 3 titles each.

Winners of this cup get a 15 kg silver-made trophy.  It was designed by Bertoni workshop in 1972 and worth 23,000 Euros.

The winners for this cup during the last 10 years are:

Sevilla FC(2006-2007)
Sevilla FC(2005-2006)
PFC CSKA Moskva(2004-2005)
Valencia CF(2003-2004)
FC Porto(2002-2003)
Liverpool FC(2001-2001)
Galatasaray AS(1999-2000)
Parma FC(1998-1999)
FC Internazionale Milano(1997-1998)
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