UEFA Betting on Different Tournament Legs at SBG Global

UEFA betting on the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cup tournaments must always take into account the impact that the first leg of a match up will have on UEFA betting during the second leg of the match up.

This two leg format is used extensively throughout the tournaments and can heavily influence the soccer betting lines. If you are aware of the impact that each leg will have on the other, then you will enjoy an advantage in your UEFA betting, but if you are oblivious to this impact then you will find yourself misled by the soccer betting lines.

UEFA betting is somewhat unique in its use of the two leg format. For gamblers only accustomed to looking at soccer betting lines in regular season league matches or the World Cup, the use of the two leg format in UEFA betting will be new. In this format, two teams play two games, known as ‘legs’, with one game at the home stadium of each team. Then the scores from the two UEFA betting matches are combined and the winning team advances. Consequently, a team that loses the first game by one goal but wins the second leg by two goals will advance in the tournament.

This UEFA Cup betting format is hugely relevant to the soccer betting lines, particularly in the second leg. During the second leg, the home team has the advantage of playing at home, but both teams know exactly what they must do in order to advance to the next round. These UEFA betting situations can mean a team must win by several goals, not lose by several goals, or simply draw. The needs of each team in the UEFA betting match will obviously determine each team’s game plan, and this in turn should impact how you view the soccer betting lines of both the sides and totals. For example, if a team has won the first leg 3-0, then it will play extremely defensively in the second leg and you can predict a low scoring game when evaluating the UEFA betting lines. On the other hand, if a favored team happened to lose the first leg, then you know this squad will explode its offensive power in the second leg and you can expect a high scoring UEFA betting match. If the first leg was a draw, however, then both teams will play somewhat conservatively in the second leg of UEFA Cup betting, and once again the game may involve fewer goals than were scored by the two teams during their first match up.

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