Spain in Euro Cup Odds at SBG Global

Euro Cup odds makers have a variety of teams and factors to consider when creating the Euro Cup betting numbers.

One team that has always been an enigma to the Euro Cup odds community is Spain. No matter how talented the squad may be it somehow always finds a way to fail to live up to its Euro Cup betting expectations.

Euro Cup odds makers and fans alike have all but given up on this squad. It seems to always be known as the team that simply cannot win when it matters most. And despite entering this year’s Euro Cup betting ranked in the top five in the world, it will not likely get the attention that this ranking might deserve from the Euro Cup betting odds fans. And the reason is simple: the Spanish never win anything.

The Spanish fans are the most long-suffering of any that will be present at the Euro Cup betting this year and if things were to follow true to form the Spanish will enter the Euro Cup odds this year as highly regarded but lose ultimately play poorly and fall well short of Euro Cup victory.

But this year could be different, and although the Spanish have had their heart broken many times in the Euro Cup odds, it might really be different this year. There is almost no expectation on the squad after losing so many big Euro Cup betting games and World Cup betting games. And with a highly talented roster and no expectations the probability that they win the Euro Cup odds is much greater than in the past.

Led by Fernando Torres, one of the most inventive strikers in the game this team should have plenty of firepower in the Euro Cup odds. Torres will be assisted up front by the leading scorer in the La Liga, Daniel Güiza and get plenty of pretty balls from fellow Liverpool mate Xabi Alonso.

The Spanish back line is not necessarily the best you’ll see in the Euro Cup odds this year, but with brick wall Iker Casillas in the net it will be a terrific challenge to get many balls through once the Euro Cup odds competition begins. This is team that should be in attack mode 100% of the time and that refreshing change of pace could create a lot of opportunities in the Euro Cup betting for the Spanish side.

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