Soccer Odds and Player Injuries at SBG Global

Soccer odds are always influenced by a range of factors that may be specific to that matchup.

For example, injuries that are affecting players on either side of a matchup can significantly impact the soccer betting odds, sometimes to the point of determining which team is favored in the soccer betting odds.

In order to consider the impact of an injury while assessing the soccer odds bettors must first evaluate the skill level of the injured player and then the abilities of his replacement.

Soccer odds can be severely impacted when a starter is injured, and if the player is a star then the soccer betting odds may be adjusted dramatically.

In order to look for value in the adjusted soccer odds it is important to initially assess the contributions of the injured player to his team. For example, the player may be the team’s highest goal scorer, a great corner kicker, a mediocre defender, or a talented goalie. The better a player is, the greater the impact his injury will have on the soccer odds.

For instance, if a team loses its highest goal scorer then the soccer odds will change significantly, but if the team loses a substitute striker then the soccer betting odds may not change at all. Also, it should be remembered that injuries will affect all of the soccer odds for a game. For example, losing a top scorer will not only impact the soccer odds for the sides, but also the soccer odds for the totals.

The capabilities of replacement players should also be central to one’s evaluation of soccer odds after a player is injured.

For instance, if a team has an extremely deep roster then, even if a top scorer is injured, the team may be able to substitute for him quite easily. Therefore, despite possibly losing its top player, the team may offer value in the soccer odds even if they are only shifted marginally to accommodate the injury. On the other hand, if a team has no capable replacements then the loss of even a mediocre player can be somewhat devastating. For example, if an average-level midfielder is injured and the team must now play a far less capable player with poor offensive skills, then the team will suffer considerably. Not only will the roster be weaker, but the team will also probably have to alter its strategy in order to account for the new player’s weaknesses.

Consequently, as you handicap soccer odds for teams dealing with noteworthy injuries it is just as important to consider the abilities of the replacement players as it is to consider the abilities of the injured players.

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