Soccer Odds and Home Field Advantage at SBG Global

Soccer odds are always influenced by home field advantage, as home teams essentially always enjoy a certain advantage over their opponents.

However, the impact of home field advantage on the soccer betting odds in league matchups is different from the impact of home field advantage on the soccer odds in national team matchups. It is important for soccer bettors to recognize these differences when handicapping the soccer odds for these different types of games.

The soccer odds for league matchups are influenced by home field advantage for a variety of reasons. For instance, traveling to road games can be exhausting for players both physically and mentally, so the soccer odds must account for the lethargy sometimes exhibited by road teams.

Home teams, on the other hand, are pleased to be staying at home in comfortable surroundings, which is why home underdogs can sometimes defy the soccer betting odds and enjoy surprising upset victories. Also, home teams are naturally familiar with their fields. Even though each field has the same dimensions, players feel more comfortable playing at home and they unconsciously can pick up on small cues from the stadium that can give them important information regarding their location on the field.

This factor should also be considered as you handicap soccer odds, and it partly explains why teams rarely suffer huge upsets at home. Furthermore, home teams enjoy the support of their fans, which can inspire teams to play especially hard and cover the soccer betting odds.

However, some of the factors that impact the soccer odds for league matchups are irrelevant when considering the soccer odds for international matchups. For instance, players often actually have to travel long distances even to play home games for their national teams because so many players are members of league teams outside of their native countries.

Also, international matchups may be played in a variety of stadiums, meaning not even the home team is necessarily very familiar with the field. As a result of these differences, one must recognize that the soccer betting odds for international matchups may not favor home teams as much as one would expect from the soccer odds.

Nevertheless, in international matchups home teams still enjoy the support of their fans, and road teams sometimes have extremely few fans because their fans may have to travel prohibitively long distances. Therefore, soccer odds should give a special home field advantage in international matchups, even if the advantages enjoyed by home teams are slightly different than in league games.

As you handicap the soccer odds for different matchups the key to a successful analysis of these soccer odds is recognizing which factors relating to home field advantage will be most prevalent.

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