Soccer Betting Lines at SBG Global

Soccer betting lines are more popular than most people would believe. Soccer is huge around the world and soccer betting is very popular in England and in other European countries. Soccer betting odds are also available to gamblers in the United States.

Soccer betting lines are shown on many line services from sportsbooks around the world.  The soccer betting line is based on a money line where you have a favorite, and underdog and a total.

Oftentimes you also have the draw option in the soccer betting line.  Here is a typical soccer betting line example:

Manchester United -160
Blackburn +400
Draw +215
Total 2.5

This is an example of a three-way soccer betting line.  If you liked Manchester United you would be risking $160 for every $100 you wanted to win or the 16/10 equivalent in this soccer betting odds example.  If you liked Blackburn then you would risk $100 and win $400 if Blackburn won the match. If you liked the draw you would get $215 back for every $100 wagered, plus your original bet.  If you wanted to bet the total you would risk $110 for every $100 you wanted to win on the over or the under on this soccer betting odds example.  The other main option would not include the draw and would probably have Manchester at -300 or so while Blackburn would be +250 or so.

Soccer betting lines are also available on other leagues like the Italian Serie A, Spanish Leagues, German leagues and other international soccer leagues.  The most popular soccer betting lines are available on the World Cup that occurs every four years.  Many people get involved by watching soccer during the World Cup but other leagues also have exciting action.  England has the Premier League and that gets excellent TV ratings throughout the year.  Other action like the Champions League and the UEFA Cup also draw extensive interest from fans and gamblers around the world.

Soccer betting is more popular around the world than most people realize.  Since soccer betting odds are available at online sportsbooks the sport of soccer continues to gain popularity, even in the United States.  Take a look at all of the different soccer betting options today.

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