Serie A Soccer Betting

Soccer betting on Serie A is exciting for many gamblers since the league is one of the best in the world. Serie A is the top Italian League and has some of the top professional soccer teams like Inter Milan, Juventus and AC Milan.

Soccer betting on Italian League action is done the same way as in other leagues like the Premier League.  There are two main soccer betting lines.  You have the straight money line and you have the three-way soccer betting line that includes the draw.

Also included in those soccer betting lines is the option to bet the total. Throughout history the Italian League has produced exceptional clubs including the world’s most successful, AC Milan, who has won more international titles than any other team.

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Soccer betting gamblers that look at Serie A see that there have been 16 or 18 clubs in the league for the past few years. The soccer betting season in the Italian League runs from August to May of the following year.  Each team plays the others two times, home and away.  It is a total of 38 games for each team.  Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw.  The top four teams in the Serie A standings at the end of the season qualify for the Champions League.  The fifth and sixth place finishers qualify for the UEFA Cup.  The three teams with the worst records in Serie A are relegated to Serie B.  Soccer betting on the Serie A is very popular, probably second only to the Premier League in action around the world. Soccer betting gamblers also like to follow Serie A teams in other competitions like the FA Cup, the UEFA Cup, etc.

Soccer betting history shows that Juventus has won the most league titles with 27 followed by AC Milan with 17 and Inter Milan with 15.  Soccer betting gamblers can watch Italian league action on Sky Italia, Mediaset, La7 and outside of Italy on Five, Setanta, RAI International, Trans 7, Telelatino, FSC, TV Esporte Interativo, Rede Bandeirantes, ESPN Brazil and ESPN Latin America.  Serie A is the most popular in Italy but does have a solid world-wide following among soccer fans.

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