Soccer Betting Home Field Advantage at SBG Global

Soccer betting has the biggest home field advantage of any of the sports. There is no doubt that the online soccer betting oddsmakers place a great deal of value on the home field when making soccer betting lines.

Let’s look at home field advantage and how to analyze it when betting soccer. Soccer betting home field advantage is so important that some gamblers won’t even consider betting a road team.  There have been seasons in soccer where teams go unbeaten at home.

That makes soccer betting lines very high on home teams.  A big reason for the huge soccer betting home field edge is the fans.  Soccer is everything for people in some of these European cities.  No other sport is anywhere near what soccer is in terms of the home field edge.  It is truly a hatred of other road teams in soccer.  Visiting fans will even be sealed away at soccer stadiums to keep them safe. That tells you how much of a home field edge exists in soccer betting.  Crowds in soccer are huge, noisy and of great importance.  Road teams are definitely intimidated at some of these stadiums.  There will be teams in soccer betting that have not won on the road in a stadium in many years and are going in for a sure loss.  This makes handicapping the soccer match pretty easy in terms of which team will win.  The question becomes how high a price are you willing to lay on that home favorite?

What you should know about home field advantage in soccer betting is that the oddsmakers incorporate it into the online soccer betting line.  You will actually see weaker teams favored over better teams when they are playing at home.  And you will see good teams at home huge soccer betting favorites.  The problem for gamblers in soccer betting is finding good bets on home favorites since the price is so high.  Some gamblers might be enticed by the high return on underdogs on the road in soccer betting but they usually don’t win enough to make them profitable.  It is a catch-22 sometimes in online soccer betting with the favorites so highly priced.  That is what makes online soccer betting interesting and intriguing for many gamblers around the world.

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