Soccer Betting Handicapping at SBG Global

Soccer betting handicapping is done similar to other types of sports handicapping even though soccer betting is not as popular in the United States as it is in other countries.

Soccer betting handicapping is done all the time in countries like England but rarely do people in the U.S. think about how to make a soccer bet.

Soccer betting handicapping usually begins with looking at statistics.  The problem with statistics with soccer betting is similar to other sports betting handicapping in that everyone has the same stats.  There are handicappers that make a soccer bet by looking at trends while others focus on head to head numbers. There are some things to keep in mind when you are looking at soccer betting handicapping.  The first thing to decide upon is simple enough.  Do you prefer making a soccer bet on sides or totals?  It is rare that a handicapper will do well betting sides and totals, so you are best picking one or the other. The next key is deciding whether to bet into a three-way soccer betting line or the soccer betting line that does not include the draw.  You should know that the numbers say you don’t want to make a soccer bet into a three-way line since too many games end in a draw.

As you look at soccer betting handicapping you have to decide which leagues you want to focus on.  Most bettors look at the English Premier League but others consider Italian Serie A action, Spanish Leagues or German Leagues.  As you do your handicapping you want to make sure you are familiar with the teams and the stats for the league. Also remember with your soccer betting handicapping that you must manage your money correctly.  Money management and discipline are important in all forms of gambling and that includes soccer betting. Handicapping for soccer can include all of the normal sports betting stats like home/away numbers, trends, head to head matchups, totals, rivalries, etc.  Remember to consider these factors as you are handicapping the various soccer leagues.

As you look to make a bet and handicap the games, remember that you must take the time and effort to examine the soccer betting line just as you would any other type of sports betting line.

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