Soccer Betting dream job at SBG Global

Say what you will about soccer betting coach Jose Mourinho but the man knows how to pick his spots.

After his big break at Porto and leading that squad to Champions league soccer betting victory, he had his pick of spots and chose to take over a Chelsea squad that was already among the best in the league and had an unlimited transfer budget. Now, he has sat out a year and will manage defending Serie A champ Inter-Milan, the odds on soccer bet favorite to challenge for the Champions League trophy and win the Serie A title.

Mourinho’s shrewd decision making should not be misconstrued as many soccer betting have done. His knack for landing at great coaching opportunities has been seen by many who make soccer bets as dismissed as simply sneaking into winning situations and used to detract from his soccer betting coaching record. And it’s a valid point, but what manager wouldn’t love to go to best open positions in soccer betting. That he has been hired at such high-profile posts in soccer betting is simply an indicator of his talent.

Sure it’s easier to win if you have unlimited funds as he had at Chelsea to buy any player you want -a charge leveled time and time again by the soccer betting media. And it’s a more than valid argument, as made often by soccer bet fans. But we’ve all seen how assembling a squad of stars can lead to soccer betting ruin as well. Anyone remember los Galacticos at Real Madrid? No major soccer betting trophies to speak of and a more talented squad at that.

That Mourinho failed to win the soccer bet prize in the Champions League obviously is his current over-riding motivation and at Inter he has a great chance of winning this soccer betting prize. After a disappointing showing by the Italian side this year in soccer betting’s biggest club competition the team will ready to spend some money to improve the soccer betting roster. And it’s quite conceivable that with another piece or two this Inter team could be the best in club soccer betting.

And that is why Mourinho is truly inheriting the dream soccer betting job.

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