Soccer Betting – Serie A league in Italy at SBG Global

Soccer betting is extremely popular around the world since soccer, known as football in most countries, is the most popular sport outside of the United States.

The two most popular soccer betting leagues are the Premier League that has English teams like Manchester United and the Italian Serie A League that involves teams from Italy like Juventus and Inter Milan. Soccer betting is also very popular on the various International competitions, known as Cups.  Soccer betting during the World Cup is by far the most recognized and anticipated but other Cups draw excellent interest as well.  For soccer betting gamblers there is always some sort of action going on.  The Serie A league in Italy runs from August through May each season while the Premier League goes on a similar time table from August to May each year.

The soccer betting line is listed in two main ways.  There is the soccer betting option that includes the draw and one that does not.  Let’s look at a soccer betting example from the Serie A Italian League to illustrate.

Palermo +1.5 (-160)
AS Roma -1.5 (+130)
Total 3 (under -130)

Palermo +600
AS Roma -225
Draw +250
Total 3 (under -130)

In this soccer betting example the first lines have AS Roma favored by a goal and a half.  You would put up $100 to win $130 on Roma laying 1.5 goals or you would get 1.5 goals with Palermo and risk $160 for $100 or the 16/10 equivalent in your soccer betting wager.  The second soccer betting line is the three-way line and includes the draw option.  You risk $100 to win $600 on Palermo, risk $225 to win $100 on Roma or risk $100 to win $250 on the draw.  All of these can be taken down to the 1-6, 2.25-1 and 1-2.5 equivalents. With this second line, if the game ends in a draw, bets on Palermo and AS Roma would be soccer betting losers and only the draw would be paid.  Both of these soccer betting options include the total which in this case has you risking $130 to win $100 or the 13/10 equivalent on the under.

As you consider the soccer betting line it is usually a good idea to bet the first choice since the vigorish on a three-way line is higher.  Obviously, the advantages to a three-way soccer betting line are a better price on the underdog and the choice of betting the draw.

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