Returns to high stakes Soccer Odds at SBG Global

One of the most divisive, abrasive and wildly successful figures in high stakes European soccer odds has returned to the game after a short hiatus.

There is perhaps no other manager who cuts such a wide swath in the world of soccer betting odds on the European continent as Jose Mourinho. But love him or hate him (and there are plenty soccer odds fans among the latter) it is impossible to argue with his success in the soccer betting odds and he’ll do whatever it takes to continue his run in the soccer odds at his new position at Inter-Milan.

Mourinho is no stranger to controversy or success as he’s endured plenty of both during his relatively brief tenure as a manager at the highest level of soccer odds. His rise to top came somewhat unexpectedly to most soccer odds fans when he was appointed the head of Portuguese soccer odds club Porto. The young manager than shocked the soccer betting odds establishment by not only wining the soccer odds domestic league in Portugal, but winning the entire Champions League competition and earning the title of manager of the best club in the world.

He then shifted to EPL soccer odds club Chelsea where many accused him of buying victories with the deep pockets of his Russian billionaire owner.  Nonetheless, it is difficult to argue with his soccer odds success as Chelsea racked up domestic title after domestic title. The honeymoon was short-lived however, as he quit the team after just three seasons.

After a year away from competitive soccer odds he has now re-emerged as the manager of the legendary Italian side Inter-Milan. And he’s already begun shaking the soccer betting odds universe by seeking former players as transfer targets –something he also did in his days at Chelsea. He’s marked Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and Deco as his targets. These additions would certainly boost the sides’ soccer odds chances but Mourinho may not succeed in his latest player grab as he’s no longer financed by a soccer odds billionaire.

And this will be the true test of his managerial skills. Not that his talent cupboard is bare at Inter, but if he achieves soccer odds betting success here, it will certainly be deserved.

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