Premier League Soccer Betting

Soccer betting on the Premier League usually involves looking at two of the strongest teams, Manchester United and Chelsea.

Those two teams have dominated the Premier League for many seasons and that should be the case again this year in soccer betting.

Soccer betting for many gamblers around the world does involve the Premier League. The best players in the world are involved in the Premier League and the Championship is the most valued of all of the soccer leagues. Manchester United is the soccer betting favorite in nearly every season. They have the best coach, many of the best players, and the respect of most soccer betting experts.

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Chelsea is another team that gets a lot of respect from soccer betting experts but they are a notch below United. Two other teams get some attention from soccer betting experts and they are Arsenal and Liverpool. Both of these teams are interesting ones in soccer betting but they don’t quite match up with the power of Manchester United and Chelsea and don’t attract as much interest from gamblers looking to make a soccer bet. There are a total of 20 teams in the Premier League. The season stretches from August to May and each team plays the others twice, home and away. That makes for a 38 game season for each team.

Even though the Premier League has many other teams, only the four mentioned get any serious consideration from soccer betting gamblers in terms of futures’ bets on winning the Championship. The other teams may provide some value on occasion, but they don’t attract enough soccer betting interest to offset the wagers on the big two. That is why oftentimes when you make your soccer bet on Premier League action you will see Manchester and Chelsea as favorites of -400 or -500 on the money line.

Although the Premier League is technically ranked second in the UEFA rankings behind Spain’s La Liga, there is no doubt that Premier League action gets far more soccer betting action than the Spanish League. The Premier League also gets more soccer bet action than Italy’s Serie A League. The Premier League is the world’s most watched sporting league and the richest league in all of Europe. Gamblers looking to make a soccer bet look first to the Premier League and then to other soccer leagues.

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