Online Soccer Betting with Parlays at SBG Global

Online soccer betting enthusiasts generally wager with straight bets, such as by soccer betting on the money line, the point spread, or the total.

However, online soccer betting can also involve more complicated wagers, such as parlays, which can be particularly exciting. Gamblers engaging in online soccer betting with parlays must pay close attention to the final payout odds that parlays offer, but this form of soccer betting can be especially useful when one wants to wager on several big favorites.

Online soccer betting fans who wager with parlays generally make small parlays of two or three teams. One can obviously make large soccer betting parlays involving four or more plays, as the associated payoffs can be quite large, but the odds of winning such a parlay are fairly low unless the included teams are all very big favorites.

Much of the online soccer betting with parlays involves money line wagers, which creates an interesting dynamic because such lines do not have normal -110 prices. As a result, the payoff odds for these online soccer betting parlays will be different form the parlay payoff odds that are typically offered.

For instance, a normal two-team parlay pays off at 2.6:1, meaning a $100 wager will win $260. However, if an online soccer betting fan makes a two-team parlay involving two favorites with soccer betting lines of -200 and -250, then the parlay payoff will be much lower than 2.6:1.

On the other hand, if an online soccer betting fan makes a two-team parlay involving two underdogs with soccer betting lines of +200 and +250, then the payoff will be better than 2.6:1. Consequently, online soccer betting enthusiasts should always pay careful attention to the final payoff odds offered in a soccer betting parlay before deciding whether the wager offers genuine online soccer betting value.

Oftentimes, online soccer betting fans will utilize parlays to increase the payoff odds for very big favorites.

For instance, soccer betting on a -600 favorite is not always very appealing, because one must risk a fairly large amount to earn a decent return. Even though the wager is very likely to win, online soccer betting fans know that nothing is guaranteed and it is not always worthwhile to risk a large portion of one’s online soccer betting bankroll on a single bet. Therefore, parlays provide a tool that permits online soccer betting on big favorites without having to deal with the high risk amounts. For example, by combining three favorites with online soccer betting odds of about -600 into a single parlay wager, one will not have to risk nearly as much to earn a decent return.

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