Online Soccer Betting Odds at SBG Global

Online soccer betting for many gamblers is all about betting the home team. Home field advantage is huge in soccer betting and it is a big factor in how the odds are made.

Online soccer betting odds will usually have the home teams favored. That is the case even when a top team is playing a mid level team.  Home losses do happen in online soccer betting but not as often as in other sports.

Online soccer betting lines will sometimes have the home teams favored by outrageous amounts.  You can see teams -400, -500 or even -800 or more.  It makes taking the underdogs attractive in terms of online soccer betting.  The problem with taking a huge underdog is that they are probably going to lose.  That is why the line was made so high.  Sportsbooks have to make the favorite so high priced that they will dissuade gamblers from betting them.  They may also attract some underdog bettors with the huge line.

Online soccer betting involves a number of leagues in addition to other matches in tournaments, Cups, qualifiers, etc.  There is really a great supply of excellent online soccer betting lines.  Gamblers usually will want to bet favorites in online soccer betting.  It usually doesn’t matter if the favorite is high priced or not.  There are just not many gamblers that want to go against powerhouses like Manchester United or Arsenal when they are playing at home.  Having said that most of the time gamblers will back the home teams, that does not mean they always win in online soccer betting. For example, let’s say you have a -400 home favorite in online soccer betting.  If you are betting that type of price you must win nearly every game to make money in soccer betting.  One loss will make it so you need to win your next four bets just to break even.  There are some professional soccer betting gamblers that look at underdogs but they are very picky about them.  Online soccer betting pros know that underdogs don’t win enough to blindly bet them.  They pick and choose their spots in soccer betting.

As you look at soccer remember that home field advantage is huge but there will be occasions to take underdogs.  Look at the stats and find teams with decent road records and teams that can be competitive on the road.

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