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Online soccer betting fans often first think about strikers when analyzing a soccer betting matchup.

Such is the case because star strikers tend to be the most recognizable faces in the sport and they score the goals that win online soccer betting contests. There is no question that online soccer betting enthusiasts should pay close attention to strikers, but one’s handicapping should not focus too heavily on simply goal scorers.

Online soccer betting matchups are won and lost based on the number of goals that teams score, so it is only logical that online soccer betting fans should focus on the players who score those goals.

The top strikers, such as Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney, and Robinho, are all known for scoring amazing goals and changing the course of games. They are the superstars who are known far beyond the online soccer betting community, and star strikers are often some of the most well-known celebrities in the world. When a team has a capable striker, opponents are forced to adapt their game plan and focus more on defense. In other words, even when a striker does not score he can still significantly impact an online soccer betting matchup.

Online soccer betting fans often prefer wagering on teams with good strikers because a team with a top striker can always win games, even if the team falls behind early in the match. Furthermore, it is basically essential nowadays for a team to have at least one very strong striker in order to compete against the world’s elite teams.

Therefore, online soccer betting fans that lack confidence in teams without very capable strikers are not completely mistaken. Also, the abilities of strikers must be considered as you handicap all of the betting odds for a matchup. For instance, not only will a striker impact the value of each side, but he will also impact the value of the totals lines.

Nevertheless, online soccer betting fans sometimes devote too much focus to superstar strikers, thereby overlooking other important players and soccer betting variables.

Just because a team has a top striker does not mean the team provides particularly good online soccer betting value. The team will still lose some matchups, and the team’s online soccer betting lines may overestimate the team’s ability due to widespread overconfidence in a few star players.

Soccer is a team sport and soccer betting analysts must recognize this fact as they handicap the online soccer betting odds. Good strikers need strong supporting casts in order to really perform well, so online soccer betting fans that focus on single players sometimes overlook significant weaknesses in a team’s roster.

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