Soccer Odds makers speculate on Ronaldo’s future at SBG Global

Among the elite players in the world of soccer odds right now the undisputed top of the heap is the Manchester United’s winger, Cristiano Ronaldo.

After a stellar year in the English Premiership soccer betting odds and the European soccer betting odds competition few would dispute the fact that he is best player on the planet at present. However, with the soccer odds rumor mill churning out new spin every day and the player doing little to quell the talk, many soccer betting odds fans expect to see the Portuguese star elsewhere once the new season begins.

After leading Man U to a first place finish in the EPL and a Champions League trophy, the only thing missing from his team success in the soccer odds is the FA Cup which would have given his side the elusive soccer odds ‘treble’. However, the FA Cup is obviously much less prestigious and the much lesser of the soccer betting odds prizes. On an individual level, Ronaldo has wrapped up all the major awards for the most talented player in English soccer odds and it’s just a formality that he will also be named the FIFA player of the year in December and almost certainly the player of the year in the European soccer odds as well.

So with the world in his palm, it seems the young winger is eager to test his luck elsewhere in the soccer odds world. Most speculation links the star to Real Madrid which is likely the only club in all of soccer odds with deep enough pockets, enough prestige, and enough crazy tenacity to lure the player away from a mega-club like Man U. And although Fergie has let it be known to the entire soccer odds world that he won’t let such a transfer happen, there is indeed very little he can do to stop it.

At this juncture soccer odds experts seem to think the move is all but done. The only thing left to settle is the transfer fee, which can be a bit of a sticky wicket in such high-stakes soccer odds dealings. But more likely than not, when the soccer odds season begins in the fall, Ronaldo will be wearing a Real Madrid kit.

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