MLS Betting: MLS stars making a name for themselves abroad at SBG Global

MLS betting has been around for more than a decade yet no MLS star has been able to establish themselves as a household name in the world of soccer betting.

With the exception of imported players there have been no American MLS betting stars to become global icons. But all that may be changing with a talented roster of current and former MLS betting stars making headlines.

MLS betting is admittedly a second tier soccer betting event but the competition in the MLS is rising rapidly and talent level of individual players is on the rise as well. Over the years there have been MLS betting stars that have tried their hand in Europe and done moderately well, but no former MLS betting star has yet to have a huge impact on the world soccer betting stage. But with more and more former MLS betting players moving to Europe it’s simply a matter of time before there is an American superstar.

The first big name export to Europe from the MLS betting league was Landon Donovan who tabbed the American Golden boy thanks to his outstanding play in MLS betting and had European clubs drooling. He finally signed with Bayer Leverkusen but much to the disappointment of MLS betting fans the union did not pan out and he was soon back in the MLS.

But several players trying their hand in the European soccer market right now look as though they might have what it takes to become the first MLS betting bred star on the old continent. DeMarcus Beasley now with the Scottish club Rangers is a former MLS betting star that has enjoyed more success in Europe than any other American player. He had a great run in the EUFA Cup two years ago with PSV Einhoven and MLS betting experts expect even bigger things once he’s healthy again.

Two other big names in Europe include Eddie Johnson the MLS betting striker who scored back to back hat tricks last year and will lining up for Fulham very soon in the EPL. And the biggest name to ever play in MLS betting competition, Freddie Adu, has yet to live up the hype, but with a fresh start in Portugal at Benfica, he has shown plenty of promise. Within the next few years MLS betting fans and global soccer betting fans are likely to hear much more from these talented young players.

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