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When oddsmakers sit down to compute the odds on any given game, they take into account things like the weather for the day, team injuries, expulsions, and the team’s overall talent.

MLS Cup odds are influenced by a number of different factors. Before the game even begins, sometimes you can already tell who will be awarded MVP for the MLS Cup odds. To a degree, it’s this MVP-to-be that can help bring their team to victory and sway the MLS Cup betting odds in their favor.

MLS Cup odds attract fans from all over the country. Every soccer fan wants to know who could possibly be the next MLS Cup betting odds champion, and take home the brand new trophy, recently redesigned.

Throughout the years, as MLS Cup odds championships have progressed, there have been 12 MVP’s. The first player to receive the MVP Award in MLS Cup odds was Marco Etcheverry, a Bolivian player from DC United. Marco is considered to be one of the best Bolivian players ever. The following year, fans of MLS Cup betting odds would see the MVP Award bestowed upon another Bolivian player, Jaime Moreno, also from DC United.

Following Moreno in receiving the MVP Award for the MLS Cup odds was Peter Nowak from Poland, and Americans Ben Olsen and Tony Meola, from Chicago Fire, DC United, and Kansas City Wizards respectively.

It turns out DC United would see a total of 4 MVP Awards handed to members of their team; definitely a treat for MLS Cup odds enthusiasts in the nation’s capital.

The most recent MVP Award recipient dazzled MLS Cup odds aficionados by being the only player in the history of MLS Cup betting odds to be crowned Most Valuable Player twice. His name: Dwayne De Rosario, a Canadian striker from Houston Dynamo (the first time he received the award, he was playing with the San Jose Earthquakes). As if being named MVP twice weren’t enough, he was also listed as one of the MLS Best XI, where 11 of the players who had the biggest impact on the MLS Cup odds receive acknowledgement.

The last DC United member to receive the MVP Award for MLS Cup odds victory was Alecko Eskandarian of the United States in 2004. This year, the MLS Cup odds championship provides a new player the opportunity to shine above and beyond the rest. After the clock goes dry and the last few seconds run out, we will know who will be the next athlete to take their place alongside the 12 who came before him.

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