DC United Most Successful MLS Cup Betting Contenders at SBG Global

MLS Cup betting, like in any other event, features teams that are excellent in the sport and teams that are, well, sub-par to say the least.

There have been many teams that have been included in MLS Cup betting odds, but one team shines above the rest. The one team that has held the most victories and made the most appearances in MLS Cup betting is none other than DC United. Straight out of the MLS Cup betting nation’s capital, DC United has a long list of honors for their numerous successes.

MLS Cup betting fans have yet to see a team go as far as DCU since the very first Major League Soccer game in 1996. From their first US Open Cup and MLS Cup betting win in ’96 to their awarding of their fourth MLS Supporters’ Shield in 2007, United has dazzled its fans for over a decade.

DC United has won the MLS Cup betting a total of four times since the foundation of Major League Soccer in 1996. As a matter of fact, they were the first team to be featured in MLS Cup betting odds for the finals. Talk about first impressions!

Since then, they have gone on to win the US Open Cup twice, once in ’96 (along with the MLS Cup betting title the same year, making it a “double”), and once in 2008.

As far as receiving international honors outside of MLS Cup betting championships, United has made four appearances in the CONCACAF Champions’ Cup, one of which being a victory and the other three times placing third, one appearance in the CONCACAF Giants’ Cup, and the winners of the now defunct InterAmerican Cup in 1998.

Aside from MLS Cup betting odds and other competitive honors, DCU also is among the most diverse rosters in the MLS. It is home to players from 10 different countries, the third most assorted team in the Major League Soccer, and one of the most diverse to have appeared in MLS Cup betting. Its players come from countries all over the world, Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Russia, Colombia, Bolivia, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the United States. United’s coaches hail from the United States, England, the Netherlands, and Poland, and they have seen them through to MLS Cup betting victory multiple times.

With talent from every corner of the globe, and Bolivian Jaime Moreno, one of the best players MLS Cup betting has ever had the pleasure of hosting, there’s no question that DC United is the leading dominant force in MLS Cup betting odds.

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