MLS Betting – star on the rise at SBG Global

MLS betting fans have seen a handful of supremely talented young players pass through the league over the past 12 years.

Everyone that has ever made a soccer bet on the MLS can surely tell you his or her favorite young player. But not players like Jozy Altidore have come through MLS betting and fans would be wise to catch his act while they can as he’s destined for much greater things than MLS betting.

MLS betting experts long predicted that Altidore was a supremely talented player but no one expected the Boca Raton, FL player to accomplish so much so quickly. As a young player it’s safe to say that he has been the best young talent that MLS betting has ever seen. Of course there have been other great young talents like Donovan Landon, Freddie Adu, even Eddie Johnson, but at just 18 years of age none has had as great of an impact on MLS betting and international play as Altidore has. If you’re looking to make a soccer bet on the next great American player Altidore is your man.

As a starting forward for the New York Red Bulls last year he scored 13 goals in 33 games despite playing through injuries in just his first full season of MLS betting. With one year of experience under his belt he should put up even bigger numbers this year for people looking to make a soccer bet on an MLS betting club. But MLS betting fans should make an effort to see him play as soon as possible as his time in MLS betting ranks is likely very limited and he may not even make it a full season with the Red Bulls in the year ahead.

Altidore has drawn interest from almost every major club in Europe after his impressive season in MLS betting and his fantastic international play. In the Sub-20 World Cup he scored four goals in five games against some of the top players in the world. And as many MLS betting analysts are quick to point out Altidore has done just as well in his senior play scoring a goal in three brief appearances.

This year the Red Bulls will have huge expectations in the MLS betting world with Altidore and his strike partner Juan Pablo Angel. So if you like to make soccer bets and your keen on MLS soccer betting, watch Altidore while you have the chance, as he’s not long for this league.

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