MLS Betting gaining ground rival leagues at SBG Global

MLS betting will never be mistaken for Primera Liga betting anytime soon.

And no one making a soccer bet will likely follow MLS betting more intently than the action of the EPL. But all things taken into account there can be no denying the fact that once ridiculed MLS is on the rise and MLS betting is quickly closing the gap on its counterparts.

MLS betting critic have long complained that the pace was too slow and the skill level too low for MLS betting to compete against the top Soccer bet draws like the Bundesliga, Seria A and the others. But in just a dozen short years MLS has gone from a laughing stock in the soccer bet world to one of the best soccer leagues in the world. The talent level of the players has risen dramatically as has the talent of the teams in MLS betting.

More and more international stars are making the MLS a top destination, something that MLS betting fans never saw before. Take for example the move by superstar David Beckham just last year. Even a few years most MLS critics would have thought it impossible for a star of his talent to be featured in MLS betting, but it has come to pass. And other big name players are also involved in MLS betting. Columbian striking legend Juan Pablo Angel opted to play for the New York Red Bulls rather than continue at EPL club Aston Villa.

But it’s not just the International players that improving the MLS betting and making it a tempting draw for people that like to make soccer bets. It’s also the young domestic players that made MLS betting such a hit. A decade ago there wasn’t a single US player at a non goal keeping spot that was seriously being considered as a possible player for a top European League. Now there are several former MLS betting players form the US heading to the old continent every year.

Goal scoring sensation Eddie Johnson of Kansas City is simply the latest to sign. The former MLS betting product now finds himself at EPL club Fulham. And for anyone looking to make a soccer bet, Johnson will not be last MLS transfer as New York striker Jozie Altidore will soon be overseas as well.