MLS All-Star Game Betting Preview

December 16th, 2019 Football Soccer

In the United States soccer season and in the MLS it’s the time of the season when we the best players of this MLS are brought together on a team to play a European Soccer powerhouse that travels to the USA for this MLS All-Star game on Wednesday the 29th of July at 9 PM ET and the game will be played in Commerce City, Colorado at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

In 2014 the MLS All-Stars beat the Bayer Munich (German Bundesliga Champions) 2-1, and this 2015 they play Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League and with a very talented offense this season. We ask can the MLS win again or will Spurs of Tottenham upset the All-Stars? Just reviewing the names brings about the thought of an exciting soccer match-up!

If you’re a soccer fanatic and Bet on MLS at SBG and you considering a bet on the 2015 All-Star of the MLS, then you need to know that your team is made up of several high profile players like D. Villa, Kaka, S. Giovinco along with players from the USA Men’s National team like M. Besler, M. Bradley and D. Beasley. Along with other, all of whom make up the MLS 2015 All-Stars. Just reviewing the names brings about the thought of an exciting soccer match-up!

Their offense possibly those that will contribute most for the MLS All-Stars would be C. Dempsey of the Sounder of Seattle and R. Keane the captain of the L.A. Galaxy who both played previously with Tottenham. Keane a forward then scored 122 goals which at the time was 10th in Tottenham’s all time goals list. On the other hand Dempsey with less tenure scored some 7 goals in 29 games in the EPL.

With Keane and Dempsey out front and Kaka and Giovinco in the midfield to set up Dempsey and Keane, the MLS Stars should get a lot of scoring opportunities. This season Giovinco has the most assists in the MLS this season. They also have Kamara and Gerrard in the midfield, as Kamara leads the MLS this season with 15 goals to date.

Think before you sleep on the MLS, but they in their last 6 matches with English opponents are with 4 wins 2 losses and 1 draw. Teams they played in the past were Everton, Chelsea, West Ham, Fulham and Manchester United.

If you’re a fan of the Hotspurs of Tottenham, you more than likely have not heard much about them in this 2015, as this game with the MLS All-Stars will be their 1st important preseason game. For this game they are bringing some star talent with players like C. Eriksen, goaltender and captain H. Lloris and striker and star H, Kane. The majority of the Spurs offense is programmed around those 3 players.

Most Spurs fans will be watching the 21 year old sensation H. Kane who debut with this team at 18 years old, and to date in 39 games has scored some 22 goals in the EPL. Eriksen is also another top striker whom during his 2 seasons with the Spurs has had 10 assists and 17 goals in the EPL for Tottenham.

The Spurs have one American on the team and that is defender D. Yedlin who also plays on the USMNT and will be guarding a fellow U.S. National teammate player Dempsey. The Spurs of Tottenham in their preseason friendlies won 2 of their 3 games prior to this game with the MLS All-Stars.

The media experts are predicting a high scoring game in which the MLS All-Stars will beat the Spurs of Tottenham.

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