Man U or Chelsea on Champions League Betting at SBG Global

Champions League Final betting is still many months away, but Champions League betting fans are already debating which teams will be featured in the 2009 Champions League Final betting odds.

It is very possible that either Manchester United, Chelsea, or both will end up in the Champions League Final betting odds again in 2009. Nevertheless, Champions League betting fans know that reaching the Final is extremely challenging and both teams have many games to play before they achieve such a feat.

Champions League Final betting in 2008 was extremely exciting, and anyone who engaged in Champions League Final betting last year knows that Manchester United ended up winning the tournament in a shootout after drawing with Chelsea 1-1.

The victory capped off an extremely successful year for Manchester United, which also edged out Chelsea in the Premiership. So far in the ‘08-‘09 tournament, Manchester United has played fairly well, winning two games and drawing a third in the group stage. There is little doubt among Champions League Final betting fans that Manchester United will reach the knockout stages, although after that anything is possible. The team’s roster still includes most of the superstars who led the team to victory last year, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and Ryan Giggs. In other words, there is little question among Champions League betting fans that the Red Devils have the talent necessary to be featured in the Champions League Final betting odds once again. However, reaching the Champions League Final betting matchup requires some luck, as the team learned last year with a 2-1 victory over Lyon in the first knockout stage and a 1-0 victory over Barcelona in the semi-finals. Therefore, it is certainly possible that Manchester United will be a focus of Champions League Final betting again in 2009, but it remains far too early to predict that it will occur.

Manchester United’s opponent in the 2008 Champions League Final betting matchup, Chelsea, also is viewed by many Champions League betting fans as a probable team to be featured in the Champions League Final betting odds in 2009. Chelsea has enjoyed identical success in the tournament thus far by winning two games and drawing in one. Also, Chelsea still has the key pieces necessary to make a title run, including Didier Drogba and Michael Ballack, and is currently ahead of Manchester United in the Premier League. Chelsea may also actually have the advantage of having lost last year. This advantage derives from a continued focus on winning the Champions League Final betting matchup, which is a feeling that Manchester United may have lost after last year’s victory.

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