Looking for Value in Soccer Betting

Soccer betting in terms of value is sometimes harder to find than in other sports. Soccer betting odds routinely have teams laying more than 2-1 and oftentimes as high as 5-1 or more. How do you find value with such big soccer betting lines?

Soccer betting lines are based on money lines which mean that if a team wins you are paid.  Most soccer betting odds don’t have a team laying goals so you only lay or receive more money in soccer betting odds.

As you look for soccer betting value you must become familiar with the various soccer leagues.   You can handicap the soccer games by looking at previous results and other statistics.  There are gamblers that look at soccer stats and get a ton of information from the various soccer websites.  That information might include injuries, weather and other intangibles.  There is a wealth of soccer betting statistical information out there.  There are so many good soccer websites that will give you game previews, statistics, trends, history, etc.  Check out all of the data you can before making your soccer bet at the sportsbook.

In soccer betting there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to looking for value.  Some people are able to bet favorites and win while others look strictly at underdogs in soccer betting. Sometimes in soccer betting value is tough to find with so many big favorites on the soccer betting odds board.  It is tough to take underdogs all the time in soccer betting and win but it is equally difficult to be laying big money all the time.  The question that must be answered in soccer betting is whether the odds offer an accurate price on the game.  It is just like any other type of sports bet.  You must have value in the wager if you expect to win.

There are many bettors that will not lay the big money in soccer betting and that is fine.  A few bettors though will lay that big money and get away with doing so because they lose very few games.  It is living on the edge a bit when you are laying 3-1 or more on big favorites but there are gamblers that will do it.

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