Liverpool Alive in Champions League Betting

Soccer Betting Liverpool fans are defeated Porto 4-1 and stayed alive in the Champions League Betting.

The win over Porto was a big one for coach Rafael Benitez who is looking for soccer betting seasons to come.“It was a very tough game against a good team. We were a little under pressure but when we scored the second goal we were pushing and it was easier, but always against a very good team.” Benitez said.

Liverpool and their soccer betting fans were in a bit of trouble in the Champions League Betting after losing at home to Marseille but now will travel to France where a soccer betting win will advance them into the knockout stage. “We have confidence, we needed to win three in a row and we’ve won two, we will try to win the third and go forward,” Benitez said.

Fernando Torres scored two goals, while Steven Gerrard and Peter Crouch added the others. Torres headed home Gerrard’s cross in the 20th minute, but Lisandro Lopez tied it in the 33rd minute for Porto. Torres produced the winning goal in the 78th minute. Gerrard then scored a penalty goal in the 83rd minute and he sent a corner to Peter Crouch in the 87th minute. "This result is unfair – we didn’t deserve to lose by this score," Porto coach Jesualdo Ferreira said. "In the first half it was difficult for Liverpool to come forward and pass the ball very well. In the second half we continued to cause Liverpool difficulties … until the goal when there was a lapse in concentration."

It has been a difficult soccer betting week for Liverpool manager Benitez who was feuding a bit with the team’s American owners. The soccer betting followers were in full support of Benitez as before kickoff, more than 2,000 fans sent out a message of support for him in a pre-match rally. "I just try to do my best for the club. I don’t have any personal problems with the owners, Tom Hicks or George Gillett," Benitez said. "We were talking about the future of the club … I was trying to improve my club and OK, maybe we need to wait, but it was a strange situation. But I don’t need to go back or go forward."

Benitez is set to meet the owners in mid-December. "We will need to talk in the future and we will see," Benitez said. "It’s not my ego, it’s my responsibility. I need to take care of my team, my squad and club because I need to do it. It would be easier for me to stay here and do nothing and wait for the end of the month for my wages, but I prefer to do things and do my best for the club and I think they understand it." Soccer betting stats show that Porto leads Group A with eight points, followed by Marseille and Liverpool with seven each and Besiktas with six.

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