Soccer Betting Line Favorites and Underdogs

Soccer betting line odds show favorites and underdogs every day of the soccer betting season.

Soccer betting line favorites are almost always overpriced.  Favorites in all sports are overpriced because the public bets favorites more than underdogs.  It is really pretty simple to understand in terms of the soccer betting line.

People want to bet on the better team as they look at the soccer betting line.  That doesn’t mean they always win, and it doesn’t mean you can make money betting only favorites on the soccer betting line.  The problem with continually betting favorites on the soccer betting line is that you must win a high percentage of your bets to make money.  In soccer betting the favorites are higher priced than in any other sport.  It is not uncommon to see favorites of -400 or more.

What about underdogs in soccer betting? Looking to bet underdogs on the soccer betting line is an interesting idea.  It is not, however, as simple as betting all the underdogs.  One thing to keep in mind about soccer betting is that favorites win more than in any other sport. The problem is that they are so heavily priced.  That means it is difficult to win money backing favorites because you must win such a high percentage but backing underdogs is tricky too. Underdogs on the soccer betting line don’t offer you enough value on a regular basis.  The problem with some of the sites that post the soccer lines is that the vig gets so high it makes taking the dog unprofitable.  For example, let’s say you have a -400 favorite on the soccer betting line. A fair return would be at least +350 or so.  The problem you run into is that oftentimes the return on such a high favorite is only +300 or +330.  That makes the vig very high to overcome if you are betting underdogs on the soccer betting line.

Your best option is to pick and choose between favorites and underdogs depending upon how you handicap the games. You can’t just bet favorites or underdogs exclusively and make money.  You must handicap the games on their own merits.

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