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November 30, 2010 Football Soccer

Soccer leagues around the world provide great soccer betting excitement for gamblers all year round.

The main soccer leagues are the FA Premier League, the Italian League, Champions League, MLS, German League, Spanish League and French League.  Let’s take a look at each of those soccer leagues.

Soccer leagues in Europe are led by the FA Premier League. The FA Premier Soccer League has 20 soccer clubs and provides great soccer betting action. The clubs play against each other twice during the season, home and away. There are a total of 38 games for each team. The four top finishing clubs qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

The Italian League Serie is another one of the major soccer leagues.  It consists of 20 teams. It is similar to the FA Premier League in that the teams play against each throughout the year. The Champions League is one of the soccer leagues that have the best European clubs competing. The champion of each country goes to the Champions League. Teams play head to head both home and away in an elimination process that provides great soccer betting action. The Italian League, Champions League and English Premier League are some of the most popular leagues for fans that bet soccer.

MLS (Major League Soccer) is the soccer league in the United States. There are 13 teams in the MLS and the teams play a schedule throughout the season before the playoffs and the MLS Cup.  Soccer betting lines for the MLS are available from April until November.

Another one of the major soccer leagues in the world is the Spanish League. Spain’s La Liga has some of the best players in the world in the Primera División.  The Spanish League is one of the world’s best soccer leagues. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have dominated the league and Primera Liga is currently the top ranked European soccer league.

German League soccer leagues are led by the Bundesliga, which is the highest level of Germany soccer. French League soccer leagues have the Coupe de France which began in 1918.

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