Japan Not Likely to be a Threat in 2010 World Cup Betting

If Japan’s last match is any indication, they are not likely to be much of a threat in 2010 World Cup betting.

Japan was dominated in a friendly against South Korea as they were shutout by a score of 2-0.  That loss does not bode well for Japan’s chances in World Cup odds.

2010 World Cup betting lists Japan as 250-1 long shots to win the World Cup. They probably should be about a million to one.  They were not even competitive against a weak South Korea team.  Japan is in a tough group as it is with the Netherlands, Cameroon and Denmark so the Japanese team may be lucky to get a point. Japan team manager Takeshi Okada said that the goal for his team was to reach the semifinals but that seems extremely unlikely.  After the pathetic showing against South Korea, Okada was worried he wouldn’t even be coaching in South Africa but for now he is still the head coach. He may wish he wasn’t after the World Cup is over.

Japan is a 10-1 long shot to win Group E. It seems like they should be more like a 100-1.  The Netherlands is a far superior team while Cameroon and Denmark are also better.  The Netherlands are ranked fourth in the world so why Japan is even 10-1 to win this group is a mystery. They have virtually no chance to win this group. They don’t even have much of a chance to advance. They were not even remotely competitive against South Korea and the South Korea team is not that good.   South Korea is also listed with odds of 250-1 to win it all.

Normally when you look at a team in the World Cup you can make a case for them to be competitive. With Japan’s recent play it is hard to find positives. The weird part is that the odds really haven’t caught up with how bad Japan is playing.  Japan is an underdog in their opening match against Cameroon but not a huge dog.  Cameroon is +110 while Japan is +230 and the Draw at +210.  Based on Japan’s recent play it would seem that Cameroon is an excellent bet in that opening match.

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