Houston Upsets Dallas on Soccer Betting

Heading into their recent soccer betting match Dallas was the undisputed king of the West and Houston was simply struggling to survive.

The defending soccer betting national champions, the Houston Dynamo, have not been enjoying a very successful defense of their Cup so far this soccer betting season and heading into the soccer betting match they had dropped three straight games and looked headed nowhere in a hurry.  But, that’s why they play the soccer betting game.

In what just another crazy upset in a week of wacky football and soccer betting odds in the MLS, Houston not only came from behind in the standing to beat the much favored Dallas team, but they also came from behind on the scoreboard.

Dallas jumped out to an early 1-0 in the soccer betting game when Kenny Cooper directed a brilliant pass to forward Abe Thompson at close range and Thompson drilled it into the back of the net in the 31st minute.

And it looked like Dallas was going to take to control of the soccer betting match, but then just after half time with the clock on 1 minute Houston tied the score.  Soccer betting odds fans know that Ricardo Clark got open and took a very short pass from teammate Brian Mullan who knocked it into the goal from about twenty yards out.  It was hardly a spectacular goal but, good enough to even the score.  The soccer betting game remained tied and it looked as though both teams would pick up a point until Joseph Ngwenya took the ball and dribbled up the gut of the Dallas defense.  He broke away from his defender and drew Dallas goal keeper Dario Sala out of the box before knocking the ball past him for the winning goal.

After the soccer betting game Houston climbed three points in the standings and Dallas held tight.  With a soccer betting odds 3-5-1 record, Houston now has ten points, good enough for third in the West.  Dallas stays put at 16 points on a 5-5-1 record.  However, Houston had two games in hand in if it wins its next two matches would be tied with Dallas for first in the West.

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