Group A World Cup Odds Begin with Two Draws

World Cup odds on the opening matches from Group A finished with two draws.

South Africa was able to get a draw in the first match of the World Cup against Mexico while World Cup betting between Uruguay and France also ended in a draw.  The second matches in Group A for each of the four teams take place on Wednesday with France facing Mexico and Uruguay battling South Africa.

World Cup odds on Thursday feature the key matchup in this group as Mexico faces France in what really could be an elimination match.  The winner of this match will likely make the knockout round while the loser is probably out.  The other matchup in Group A has South Africa playing Uruguay.

World Cup odds on both matches are very tight since France and Mexico were the two favorites in this group while Uruguay and South Africa were considered a little bit weaker.  With the opening draws in this group, nothing has been decided. That will change on Thursday with either Mexico or France taking control of the group unless they play to a draw. Mexico was unhappy about their opening draw against South Africa but they are still in fine shape, especially if they can beat France.

Mexico could actually be in prime position to advance from Group A. France is simply not as good as they were four years ago while Uruguay doesn’t seem to have much offense.  South Africa has the home field advantage but not much else. Mexico has the ability to defeat France and put them into a great position to win Group A. 

Not to be forgotten in World Cup odds in Group A is the host country South Africa. They did what they had to do in their opening match as they got a draw.  They don’t have much offense but neither does Uruguay. If South Africa can find a way to get another draw they would go into their final match against France with a chance to advance.

Group A was thought to be a very competitive group before the World Cup began and after the opening matches nothing has changed that perception.  Close matches should be the call again in World Cup betting when France and Mexico and Uruguay and South Africa do battle on Wednesday.

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