Eurocup Betting Trails

Eurocup betting trails only World Cup betting in terms of soccer betting popularity.

The European Championships have some of the best teams in the world competing and the Eurocup betting odds are exciting. Four years ago it was 150-1 longshot Greece shocking gamblers that wagered on Eurocup betting.

Eurocup betting definitely can be wide open as the Euro 2004 proved. Many of the 16 teams have a chance in Eurocup betting odds. Two teams qualified automatically as the host teams. They are Austria and Switzerland and neither team looks very strong and they are both Eurocup betting longshots. Germany is the Eurocup betting favorite but six other teams have odds of less than 20-1. Spain, Italy and Portugal have Eurocup betting odds of less than 10-1 each. The Netherlands, Croatia and the Czech Republic have Eurocup betting odds of less than 20-1. Teams that are considered more of a longshot in Eurocup betting are Greece, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Poland and both host teams, Austria and Switzerland.

If you fancy Italy, France or the Netherlands in Eurocup betting you should know that they are all in the same group which means one of them won’t make it out of the Group stage. Germany, Portugal and Spain seem to have easier routes in terms of getting out of their groups and retaining Eurocup betting favored status.

Value can be found with some teams in Eurocup betting as happened with Greece in 2004. A team like Croatia has already proven they can play at this level as they eliminated England in the qualifying round. They could be a good longshot choice in Eurocup betting. Two teams from each group will advance to the quarterfinals with the winners going to the semifinals and then the final on June 29th in Vienna, Austria.

Although Germany is the Eurocup betting favorite the team with the most talent might be Italy. They have goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and a lot of talent. Italy will be a popular choice to win Euro 2008. Portugal is another team that will be a popular choice especially since they were the runner-up in Euro 2004.