Euro Cup Betting: so far so good

The Euro Cup is some of the best sports wagering around; period.

With most of the top talent in the world it’s all but impossible not to get wrapped up in the Euro Cup odds if you have in even the slightest interest in sports betting. But the 2008 Euro Cup betting has been more interesting than usual as the wide open play of the teams involved and the slew of upsets that have occurred have all contributed to boost interest in Euro Cup odds to a very high level.

The 2008 edition of the Euro Cup betting shames the effort in 2004. Hosted by Portugal, the Euro Cup odds in 2004 simply didn’t offer quite the same show that this year’s Euro Cup betting has provided. Heading into the competition the Euro Cup betting had a special buzz to it as the parity in Europe at present has led to some real battles in qualifying and beyond. Just how competitive is soccer right now in Europe? Consider that England, despite some admittedly poor play, did not even qualify for the Euro Cup betting odds competition. If one of the top ten teams in the world could not crack the Euro Cup betting, it says quite a lot of the level of competition in the Euro Cup odds.

And it wasn’t just the giants in the Euro Cup betting that have made a big mark this year. Take for example the fact that two of four semi-finalists are virtual minnows in Euro Cup betting terms. Turkey and Russia are both fine teams but they hardly have the reputation of Euro Cup betting stalwarts like Germany, France or Italy. Yet they both knocked off some top clubs in the Euro Cup betting and certainly established their reputation on the Euro Cup betting stage.

Speaking of the giants of Euro Cup betting, all but Germany found themselves on early flights home. Predicted as one of the pre-tournament favorites, Germany has only gotten stronger as the Euro Cup betting has worn on. The team has booked a place in the Euro Cup betting finals and looks tough. However, either of its potential opponents -Spain or Russia- should provide a fantastic finish to the Euro Cup betting.

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