EPL Preview of Chelsea versus QP Rangers

January 13th, 2020 Football Soccer

This soccer season in the English Premier rivalry are warming up a little as the Chelsea F.C. (The Blues) on Sunday the 12th of April 2015 takes on the Queens Park Rangers (The Hoops) with the being played at 8:30 PM ET at Lotus Road.

Chelsea comes into this Sunday game having won their last 9 matches and will seek to win another one against Queens Park Rangers who recently beat West Bromwich by 3 goals and gave the much need boost in spirit.

They then ask what’s on the line in this match-up. A win by Queens Park Rangers would boost them out of the last three positions in the EPL due to goal difference, while a win for Chelsea would not affect their standings in the EPL at 1st place.

If you Bet on Soccer at an Offshore sportsbook and are a Chelsea fan you are aware that their 2-1 win over Stoke just opened up their lead in the Premier League. Their star Remy made the winning goal to preserve their unbeaten home record this season. If Chelsea is to win their 5 title in the Premier League they need to take their last 8 league games one at a time and that should start with the QP Rangers this coming Sunday the 12th of Feb. 2015.

The main problem Chelsea has in this game against the Rangers is that their star Costa is out with a injury to his hamstring, and he had been their vital point to the Blue success this 2014-15 with 20 goals this season, and his back up Remy has 5 goals in 17 games. In this game with Costa absent they will look to Hazard to play more on the offensive side since he is No. 2 in scoring with 18 goals this campaign.

If you’re a fan of the Rangers of Queens Park you team still has some life in their spirit after an important win over West Bromwich Saturday winning 4-1 and with the win they avoid a demotion out of the English Premier League. Their win last Saturday that was just their 2nd win in the last 19 road games, and it was the best time for a win so that they are just 3 points under Aston Villa for the 17th ranking in the tablet of the EPL with some 25 points. That win was their 1st with the top teams since back in 1995 in late February against New Castle at the time an era.

In that win 4-1 over Aston Villa their scoring came from Barton, Zamora, Austin and Vargas and those goals also helped as they improved their goal difference, which is crucial when in their survival to avoid demotion from the EPL.

Their Big Challenge comes up this Sunday when they play the League Leader Chelsea who holds the best ranking in the EPL this 2014-15 seasons with 31 points in away games and the most away goals at 33 on the road. Regardless the Rangers still feel good about this game as during this 2014-15 seasons their record stands for itself, as in their last 3 games they have a loss, a draw and a win. After all is said and done the experts for the EPL predict that the Blues of Chelsea will win this outing with the Rangers 1-0.

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