Don’t Forget to Soccer Bet the MLS

Soccer bet leagues come in all shapes and sizes and cover a wide swath in the sporting world.

While most fans would prefer to watch the great European soccer leagues, and that’s quite understandable, what happens when the season is on hiatus and you can’t make a soccer bet on your favorite club? More and more soccer fans are finding that the US-based MLS is a great alternative to European soccer gambling during summer when the old continent goes on holiday.

Soccer bet opportunities are a rather new thing to the American sports scene. There was of course the flirtation with soccer in the 70’s in which the New York Cosmos drew attention from around the globe with players like the great Pele and Franz Beckenbaur. But that was short-lived blip on the soccer bet radar.

The MLS is something quite different all together a fantastic soccer league. It’s been over a decade now since the launch of the MLS and by all accounts this experiment has been a success. Every year the interest and competition level seems to grow and the soccer bet odds grow more and more visible. With the addition of top young players and a mix of foreign stars the MLS seems to have produced a viable balance of big names and talent that has appealed to the soccer bet crowd.

Foreign clubs from Europe have taken notice and are now looking to the US to increase their soccer bet visibility. More and more the top European clubs are booking preseason tours in the US and US soccer gambling fans are eating it up. It’s a great way for the European clubs to warm up for the winter season and great way to try and attract new soccer gambling in the huge but untapped US soccer bet market.

Right now there are a handful of Clubs like Chelsea, Inter Milan and AC Milan touring the US homeland eager to engage the soccer bet community in the US and putting on great shows wherever they play. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, from the players themselves, to the fans, and of course, even the financiers and sponsors involved in spreading the soccer bet magic to the masses.

The hope of the people involved with the MLS and the European clubs soccer bet exhibitions is that one day the MLS will field good enough teams to one day tour Europe. That may seem like a crazy idea to anyone that has ever soccer bet on the two entraining, but vastly disparate leagues. However, 11 years ago most soccer gambling fans would have said it was crazy that a US league would last more than a decade.

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