Defending Champs Knocked out of MLS Cup Betting

MLS Cup betting fans witnessed yesterday the crushing defeat of defending champs, Columbus Crew, at the hands of underdogs Real Salt Lake.

MLS Cup betting is a time of flowing emotions such as unparalleled happiness, and crushing sadness for soccer betting fans in the US. Such times occur when great upsets happen, like when the defending champion of the MLS Cup betting title gets eliminated in the Conference Semifinals by an underdog. And that is exactly what happened yesterday as Columbus Crew at the hands of Real Salt Lake.

MLS Cup betting fans expected a fight from Columbus, but they gave Real Salt Lake the upper hand in Utah in the first leg of the match. The game was almost finished by the time RSL put up the one and only point of the game. What was odd on the Crew’s side of the field was the absence of their MLS Cup betting star, Guillermo Schelotto. It seemed as if he was just going to jog up and down warming up the whole MLS Cup betting match, and he didn’t even take his sweats off to join the match. This was probably where the Crew went wrong in their soccer betting strategy, was not putting him in. First game of two over, RSL had a 1-0 MLS Cup betting advantage.

The second leg of the soccer betting Conference Semifinals was played last night at Columbus, and finally, Schelotto made his appearance. This was probably the MLS Cup betting plan for the Crew all along, give him time to rest and rout Real Salt Lake at home.

In the 19th minute Schelotto came out with a free kick to turn the tides in Columbus’ favor, MLS Cup betting match score 1-0, 1-1 aggregate. The plan was working, and it seemed as if Columbus had a fighting chance in MLS Cup betting. Another goal from the Argentine in the 35th minute, and the Crew took the lead.

This is where Real Salt Lake must have figured they were in trouble and really lit the flame under their seats. After two unanswered goals, the Royals were quick to respond and two minutes later Javier Morales came through with a goal to tie up the soccer betting aggregate score 2-2. A penalty kick taken by Robbie Findley went in and Andy Williams scored the third goal of the night for RSL, and the game ended 3-2, 4-2 on aggregate. The Crew is out of the MLS Cup betting race.

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