COVID-19 Schedule Suspension Halts Action with Premier League Odds

March 17th, 2020 Football Soccer, Online Wagering

With play suspended until early April at best everything is on hold in the English Premier League. An emergency meeting was scheduled for Thursday to assess the situation. Namely Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Chelsea midfielder Callum Hodson Odoi tested positive for the coronavirus. Correlate the current plan to suspend play until April 3 at the earliest. The Premier League has stated it hopes to reschedule games that have been postponed with the English Premier League odds. As we await the latest strategy let’s assess where the Premier League stands at the present time.

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COVA-19 Implications and Impact on English Premier League

By reason of its rising popularity throughout the world, the English Premier League has been potentially hit the hardest with the suspension of play. EPL games are televised throughout the world including on NBC and NBCSN in the United States. You can see stickers of EPL club logos throughout the world. Most important of all the betting handle has gone through the roof on Premier League matches. The EPL has become a “thing.” That momentum has ended as well as the prospect of potentially billions of dollars in revenue. Cancellation would be a financial catastrophe.

From a gambling perspective, it’s hard to find futures odds on the English Premier League because of Liverpool’s dominance. Commencing with the resumption of play will be regular betting action on matches.


Accordingly, in this time of panic and sadness, there is a cruelty to it all from a Liverpool soccer perspective. The Reds have not won the English major football league title in 30 years. Additionally, they have never won the championship in the current Premier League format. What was shaping up as the ultimate dream season has begun to turn into a nightmare?

Undefeated No More

Specifically, Liverpool began a run for the ages last year with a stunning title in the UEFA Champions League. From there they went on to dominate the English Premier League with the prospect of an undefeated season. But a 3-0 online wagering loss at Watford sent shockwaves throughout the world. Consider that Watford is a club that is fighting to avoid relegation with a record of six wins, nine draws, and 14 losses. It was a classic case of Liverpool becoming full of themselves.

Following that stunning defeat, the Reds barely got past another relegation candidate. Liverpool scored a 2-1 win over AFC Bournemouth and looked sluggish in the process.

Despite having the look of a team running on fumes, Liverpool basically owns the Premier League title with 27 wins, one draw, and one loss. The Reds have 82 points with Manchester City trailing them at only 57 points.

Manchester City

Meanwhile, the Sky Blues have become something of an anti-hero in the eyes of millions. UEFA Champions League is moving to banish Manchester City from competition over the next two years due to alleged financial improprieties. This “us against the world” status has propelled the Sky Blues in the Champions League where they now chalk. However, the English Premier League odds results have been more mixed. To illustrate, Manchester City split their last four matches before the scheduled suspension. Man City is in second place with 18 wins, three draws, and seven losses.

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