Confederations Cup Odds

Confederations Cup odds favor Brazil as they face the United States in the final on Sunday in a match that can be seen on ESPN television.

The United States shocked Spain 2-0 to reach the final of Confederations betting while Brazil just got past South Africa 1-0 to reach the final in Confederations Cup odds.

Confederations Cup odds will probably not be as high on Brazil as they were earlier in this tournament. The United States is playing better and Brazil suddenly looks beatable. Brazil needed an 88th minute goal by Daniel Alves to get by South Africa on Thursday.

USA vs. Brazil final odds will be a rematch of last week’s game in group play, when Brazil crushed the United States by a score of 3-0. In reality the United States has had a lot of things go exactly their way to get this far in Confederations Cup odds. It was a miracle they made it into the semifinals of Confederations betting as they won 3-0 over Egypt while Brazil routed Italy 3-0. The win against Spain was great for the United States in Confederations Cup odds but anyone that watched the match realized the United States was fortunate to win. Spain controlled play for most of the match but the United States got excellent goaltending from Tim Howard and the bounces went their way. Jozy Altidore did score a nice goal for the U.S. and that really gave the U.S. team momentum and a belief that they could win. "I can’t explain it," Howard said, "Sports is funny sometimes, but when you put your mind to something you can achieve it."

The United States is excited to be in Confederations Cup Final odds but that is probably where the good fortune ends. "It’s exciting, a great team effort," U.S. coach Bob Bradley said. "To beat an amazing team like Spain and make the final, it’s big. We played as hard as we could and that’s what it took. Every guy contributed."

Confederations Cup odds will have Brazil favored but sentiment might be with the United States team. What hurts the U.S. in Confederations betting is that they do not have the depth that Brazil has and they don’t have as much talent. It also doesn’t help that Brazil didn’t play all that well against South Africa in Confederations betting and still won. Brazil also won’t be overlooking the United States as Spain did in semifinal Confederations Cup odds.

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