Compete in MLS Soccer Betting Odds

First it was David Beckham who invaded the MLS soccer betting odds in the Beatles British Invasion all over.

Now, it seems possible that the former top player in online soccer betting odds, Ronaldinho may join his fellow superstar export in the ranks of the MLS soccer betting odds. This speculation is little more than rumor at this point but there is no doubt that if the price can be arranged the Brazilian mid-fielder will be featured in the MLS soccer betting odds in the year ahead.

Rumors are rife in the soccer betting odds world right now that Ronaldinho is looking to the US as his next landing spot in terms of soccer betting odds. What teams he’s spoken with or not is unknown and to be frank the soccer betting odds rumors could simply be made up by overanxious MLS fans, but it seems unlikely. Most rumors in online soccer betting odds are grounded in truth and the Brazilian has stated in the past that he could picture himself in the soccer betting odds in the MLS in the future.

Likely he would have imagined his departure for the MLS soccer betting odds much farther in the future of his playing career (i.e. when he is old and slow and can no longer compete in the European soccer betting odds). But his best soccer betting odds opportunity may be now. It’s no secret that he’s unhappy at Barca and that the soccer betting odds head men there no longer want him on the online soccer betting odds roster. In 2009, one thing is certain: Ronaldinho will not be in the Barcelona soccer betting odds lineup.

That means he’ll be looking for a new soccer betting odds home next year regardless. More likely than finding Ronaldinho in the MLS online soccer betting odds next season, would be seeing him play for Chelsea of AC Milan. Both clubs have expressed interest in having him in their soccer betting odds plans in the year to come. Ronaldinho may very well end up in the MLS soccer betting odds, but it wont’ likely be for a few more years.

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