Champions League Odds for the Second Game

Champions League odds in the latter half of the group stage are somewhat interesting because these Champions League betting odds involve rematches between teams that have already played.

Such is the case because each team in the group stage plays the other three teams in its group two times each, with each team enjoying one home game. The results from the first game between two opponents are certainly useful as one assesses the Champions League odds for the second game between two opponents, but one definitely should not handicap the Champions League betting odds assuming the two games will have identical results.

The Champions League odds for the second game between two teams will likely be somewhat similar to the Champions League odds that were offered for the first game. This consistency in the Champions League odds is quite logical, as the same two teams are competing against one another. Any changes in the Champions League odds between the two games will likely result from reactions to the outcome of the first game and an acknowledgement of the change in home field advantage.

Even though the Champions League odds probably will not change dramatically between the two times teams face off against one another in the group stage, it is unwise to assume that the games will end the same. Home field advantage is a very important factor to consider as you evaluate the Champions League betting odds, and you should not overlook its significance. For instance, in the ‘07-‘08 Champions League, Real Madrid and Lazio tied 2-2 when playing in Rome, but Real Madrid enjoyed an easy 3-1 victory when they played in Madrid. Home field advantage is especially important to certain teams, and these trends should be recognized before you handicap the Champions League odds. Nevertheless, home field advantage is not the only change to consider when you evaluate the Champions League odds for the second game between two teams. For example, both teams will possibly change their strategies for the second match based on their success in the first match.

Therefore, game plans may be different and the flow of the game may change dramatically. Such changes can determine where value lies both in the Champions League odds for sides and the Champions League odds for totals. Also, it is possible that some players will miss one of the games due to injury or red cards, and their presence or absence will certainly influence their teams’ abilities to cover the Champions League betting odds. Therefore, when you handicap the Champions League odds for two teams’ second match, you should look for insights from the first match without assuming the two matches will conclude identically.

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