Champions League Betting during the Qualifying Rounds

Champions League betting begins with the qualifying rounds, when dozens of teams compete for a limited number of spots in the subsequent group stage.

Betting Champions League games in the qualifying rounds is often seen as some of the most challenging Champions League betting because most gamblers are relatively unfamiliar with many of the competing teams. Nevertheless, Champions League betting enthusiasts who perform some basic background research can often find very good Champions League betting value during these rounds.

Champions League betting during the qualifying rounds features a wide variety of teams from a huge number of different nations. For instance, Champions League betting enthusiasts will find themselves wagering on teams from Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, and Macedonia. It goes without saying that even the most passionate soccer fans do not follow the leagues in all of these different countries. Consequently, betting Champions League matchups in the qualifying rounds inevitably demands wagering on teams one may have never even heard of before. As a result, some Champions League betting fans end up completely bypassing these rounds and do not start betting Champions League games until the group stages.

However, by conducting some research on the two teams involved in any Champions League betting matchup one can frequently find good value in the qualifying rounds. It is true that bettors should focus their wagering on the games about which they are most knowledgeable, but one does not need to completely avoid betting Champions League games when one is not very familiar with both teams. Some Champions League betting fans simply wager on the favorite or the home team in qualifying round matchups, and this strategy is generally unwise. Rather, one should do some research into the strengths and weaknesses of each club and then handicap the Champions League betting lines based on this assessment. This type of research would have been extremely difficult to conduct not long ago, but the advent of the internet has made a wealth of Champions League betting information readily accessible. Also, in many cases bettors find they are already relatively familiar with one of the teams in a Champions League betting matchup, so the research really only has to be conducted on the opponent. However, in such situations Champions League betting fans often end up wagering on the team they are more familiar with, which is not always wise. Therefore, one must genuinely consider the potential of a lesser-known team to avoid a biased favoritism toward a team one already knows well.

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