Champions League Betting during the Group Stage

Champions League betting excitement increases when the group stage begins, because this stage is when the top clubs in the world begin to compete.

However, when one is betting Champions League games in the group stage one often handicaps Champions League betting matchups in which one team has much more potential than its opponent. In these situations, it is tempting to simply wager on the favorite without even handicapping the Champions League betting odds, but the reality is that one always must determine the actual value a highly favored team offers with regards to the Champions League betting lines.

Champions League betting in the group stage attracts far more action than Champions League betting during the qualifying rounds, in which many of the teams are unfamiliar to many bettors. Betting Champions League is so exhilarating because one gets the unique opportunity to wager on the top soccer clubs from different European leagues all competing against one another. When one is betting Champions League in the group stage one can witness amazing matchups including teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Juventus. However, these top teams rarely compete against one another in the group stage, as the very top squads are logically separated into different groups. As a result, many group stage Champions League betting matchups involve top teams, including the ones listed above, playing lesser known teams that do not boast rosters of superstars like Chelsea or Real Madrid.

When the strongest teams are featured in Champions League betting matchups against lesser known teams, bettors often have a natural inclination to wager on the top squads. For many people betting Champions League, it is simply inconceivable that a team like Manchester United would lose to a club from Denmark or Romania, for instance. However, the Champions League betting odds will obviously make the favored team a huge favorite in these situations, meaning that one must accept a large amount of risk in order to wager on the favored club. As a result, this Champions League betting approach is not always wise. Even the best teams do sometimes lose or draw with clubs that are not considered true powerhouses. Although such results are somewhat infrequent, the large risk one must endure to wager on favorites means that even an occasional lost wager can lead to net bankroll losses. Consequently, Champions League betting fans should always carefully handicap the Champions League betting odds and not be reluctant to wager on big underdogs. Such wagers can offer particular value when the underdog team is playing at home or when the favored team has already qualified for the next round of the tournament.

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