Champions League Semifinals Real Madrid vs. Juventus

May 10, 2015 Football Soccer

soccer ball as earthWith the 2014-15 UEFA Champions League Semifinals-2nd Leg underway this coming Wednesday the 13th of May 2015 with Real Madrid playing Juventus at the Estadio Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain with at 2:45 PM ET.

This game brings a real challenge to the Real Madrid team, as they must win to survive. In the last game they lost to Juventus 2-1 in Italy with goals from C. Tevez and A. Morata in the scoring for the Old Lady and as a result they are just another step closer to winning the Champions league final, which last time was back in 2003 when that happened. Many would think a 2-1 is a safe score from the 1st game, but that’s not necessarily true since the game is on the home field of Real Madrid at Bernabeu on Wednesday the 13th of May.

If you Bet on Soccer at an Offshore Betting site like SBG Global and are a Real Madrid fan, you surely know your team was fortunate to leave Italy in the last game with Juventus in Turin with just a 2-1 loss. The Real Madrid team was actually outplayed by Juventus and that was from the whistle to start the game and to the end, as it seemed Real Madrid could not cope with the superiority of their host team in that game.

The Real Madrid Goalie and Capitan I. Casillas came close to making a critical error in the beginning minutes of the game, and that displayed another questionable game for him between the goal posts, along with his defense not playing well in their loss to Juventus.

The Real Madrid Manager C. Ancelotti tried several tactical changes with his roster, and not worked out as he had anticipated. The changes were putting S. Ramos in the midfield which had worked before, and playing G. Bale and C. Ronaldo in the front line also, and neither move was profitable in the game.

Their team seems to be suffering with the loss of midfielder L. Modric who has been out with a knee injury, and it appears he will miss this 2nd let game. Which is of great concern to Manager Ancelotti and the team and we wonder what the Manager has in store for the 2nd Leg home game? It’s certainly not because the Real Madrid doesn’t have the weapons to win, because with his roster of Rodriguez, Bale, Ronaldo, Benzema and others they surely can overcome the slim deficit to Juventus in this 2nd Leg game.

For those that that are fans of the Italian Juventus team, we tell you your team, of the 4 teams left in this UEFA competition for 2015, has one of the strongest midfield and defensive units, and if their players whom score keeping their scoring level up, they could be considered the best team in the playoffs.

With 7 goals in this year’s competition C. Tevez caused havoc with the Real Madrid defense throughout the game as he found holes in their backline, and to top it off he scored a crucial penalty point in his teams win over Real Madrid.

The former Real Madrid player A. Morata, now playing for Juventus was just as fantastic in this game as his striker teammate Tevez as he scored the 1st goal for Juventus just 8 minutes into the game. Those 2 have now scored some 7 of the 8 goals in the last 5 games for Juventus in the Champions League game this 2015. Will they be able to continue their scoring against what seemed to be a confused Real Madrid defense in that 1st leg game?

With the Real Madrid team needing to score they will have to move forward to attempt scoring, which should permit Juventus to relax and counter attack, which is the same game plan they used in defeating Borussia 3-0 in the Germany in the 16th round. Juventus will also have P. Pogba back and that could be beneficial to the team as a substitute on impact. The experts are predicting that strong defense of Juventus will hold Real Madrid and the game will end 1-1 which will put them in the finals.

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