Champions League Odds for Money Line

November 30, 2010 Football Soccer

Champions League odds are most simple to handicap when one is wagering on the money line. Just like in other sports, money line Champions League betting odds simply require bettors to wager on which team will win a given matchup.

However, money line odds in soccer, including the Champions League odds, also offer the opportunity to wager that a game will result in a draw. Champions League odds for the money line can range dramatically, because some matchups involve teams that are quite similar, while other matchups involve one team that is far better than its opponent.

Therefore, the Champions League odds for one game may list the favorite at -120, while the Champions League odds for another game may list the favorite at -700. However, as you analyze the Champions League betting odds you must also consider the possibility that the game will result in a draw. Because so many soccer matches end in draws, the Champions League odds allow bettors to wager on this result. Many bettors are reluctant to bet on a draw, because it seems like such a boring result to hope for, but the Champions League betting odds for a draw can sometimes offer especially good value.

When looking for value in the money line Champions League betting odds, one first must determine the likelihood of each possible result to a matchup: the favorite winning, the underdog winning, and a draw. Normally, the most likely possibility is that the favorite will win the matchup, but it is for this reason that the Champions League odds require one to accept a certain amount of risk in order to wager on this outcome. The least likely possibility is typically that the underdog will win, but as a reward for wagering on this outcome the Champions League odds will be set so that one will win a relatively large amount. Consequently, one must gauge the likelihood of each outcome and then compare it with the prices established in the Champions League odds. Even if you are highly doubtful that an underdog will win, the lines in the Champions League odds may still render a wager on the underdog worthwhile. Also, sometimes bettors decide to wager on two of the money line options in theChampions League odds. For instance, by wagering on the underdog and the draw, one will often achieve net winnings if a game results in either one of those two possible outcomes. Such is the case because the money line Champions League odds for the underdog and draw are frequently both higher than +200.

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