Champions League Juventus versus Monaco 2nd Leg

January 10th, 2020 Football Soccer

With the UEFA Champions League now moving into the quarterfinals Second Leg with Juventus FC playing Monaco on the 22nd of April 2015 at the Stade Louis II, Monaco in what is their 2nd matchup in these quarterfinals and kick-off is at 2:45 PM ET.

In the 1st Leg game Juventus beat Monaco 1-0 in a very close 1st game in the quarterfinals and they made 1 step toward the top on European soccer with that win. That Champions League game was at home and now Juventus (Bianconeri-The White-Blacks) are on the road seeking another win over Monaco to make it to the UEFA Champions League semifinals. Their facing a very dangerous Monaco team, that if you look back to the game before, in the round 16 they upset Arsenal who was the favorite. As we move on in this preview the question is, can Monaco once again defy the odds and upset Juventus?

Taking a look at the scenarios of this 2n Leg game, since Juventus won at home the can move on to the semifinals with a win or any kind of a draw. For Monaco the situation is somewhat more difficult as the host would have to beat Juventus by a least 2 goals to win.

Thus if you Bet on Soccer at a Sportsbook and are fan of Monaco, you know that a very controversial penalty that has Monaco in this hot seat, as their defender in the central apparently, according to the official tripped Morata of the Juventus team in the penalty area. Juventus made the Penalty and that made the score 1-0 an that was also the final score of the game.

The experience the Monaco team has had in their ultimate 3 Championship games was they lacked controlling possession in those game, but that should not be crucial as Monaco does not need to control the ball to score need goals, as they are a team that is great on the counter attack which most fans saw in the crushing Arsenal, which was a road game for Monaco. In that game they outscore Arsenal 3-1 and actually possessed the ball for only 43.2 percent of that game.

If you’re a fan of Juventus you are aware that in their game against Monaco, Vidal scored the winning goal on a penalty shot, and that was his 1st since back on the 11th of January 2015 and now they as the Serie A leader travel to play Monaco at Stade Louis II with a very slim lead that they will have to protect.

The shining star for the Juventus team was Pirlo who has previously missed 7 weeks due to an injury to his calf muscle, but in this game on his return he was amazing hitting in 90.2 % of his passes. With his master play in the midfield he could very easily help his team in maintaining possession, which would limit the shots coming from the Monaco team.

The Black and White as the Juventus team is known, on offense struggled in the 1st Leg game even as they won, as of their three scoring stars, Morata, Vidal and Tevez failed to convert on 10 of their 13 attempts. But that really does concern them since they have no lost any games in their last 13 games played at the opponents home fields, and in 14 road games they have only allowed just 6 goals scored against them.

The prediction from those who are suppose to know, pick Juventus to move on the too Semifinals after this game terminates in a 0-0 draw.

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