Champions League Betting Tips

Champions League betting tips begin by understanding the basics of soccer betting lines.

Soccer betting lines are available nearly every day of the year and Champions League betting lines are available during every month of the year except June. Let’s consider some tips for Champions League betting lines.

Champions League betting lines are available in two main ways. You have the money line and the three-way line which includes the draw. Here is an example of the two soccer betting lines:

Liverpool -160
AC Milan +425
Draw +215
Total 2.5

Liverpool -220, AC Milan +180

The first example is a three-way Champions League betting line. If you liked Liverpool you would be risking $160 for every $100 you wanted to win in this soccer betting lines example. If you liked AC Milan, for every $100 risked you would get $425 back, plus your original wager. If you liked the draw you would get $215 back for every $100 wagered, plus your original wager in this soccer betting lines example. If you wanted to bet the total you would risk either $120 for every $100 you wanted to win, whether you bet under or over the total in this Champions League betting example.

If you are get involved in Champions League betting you will need to take the time to handicap matches. The Champions League is intermixed throughout the various European Leagues with teams playing their normal leagues and at the same time playing Champions League matches. You really have to be aware of how each team is doing in their individual league and how that translates into Champions League betting. Teams will sometimes place a greater emphasis on some matches rather than others and that is an important handicapping factor in Champions League betting.

As you look at soccer betting lines in the Champions League remember to understand that the tournament has many different stages and many different factors that go into it. Qualifying rounds are handicapped one way while knockout rounds are handicapped another way in Champions League betting. The Champions League is fascinating because of the different factors that go into handicapping Champions League betting lines.

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